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Three Simple Steps to be More Productive Daily

Three Simple Steps to be More Productive Daily

The Three Simple Steps to be More Productive Daily. 

Usually when I have this kind of idea. I just thought about it for a minute and then let it slipped away.

But I can’t let these bad habits take over anymore.


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So before I hit the sack let me share with you these basic principles that I now follow.

Through these three simple steps, you will learn a proven strategy which you can use starting today. These three simple steps will help you eliminate procrastination and get results.

The three simple steps that I describe here will get you closer to accomplishing your goals. It will help you create a small shift in your mindset and approach.

It helped me in so many ways, and I am convinced that it can do the same thing with you.

Step number one:


The last time my mentor talked to me via Skype and asked me what I want to do.

I was speechless because there’s a lot of things going on in my mind that I cannot even pinpoint one idea.

I was under the impression that I was not giving her enough reason to continue to guide me.

It took me a couple of weeks before I came up with my why. Now it’s something that excites me every day.

This approach has made me extremely productive. It helped me establish new habits while eliminating the negative ones.

That’s it.

Stop making excuses. Don’t wait for the right time. Or think about what your friends have to say.


Step number two:


A few months ago, I was a freelancer struggling to get attention. I am desperate to seek advice from experienced freelancers.

Because I knew that there’s more to freelancing than what I can read and see on posts from different groups where I belong.

I was looking for people who knew how to start a digital career and could give advice on how to build a business.

In every seminars or workshop that I attended. I sought advice and feedback, but it was hard to belong. I did not know the freelancing people.

There were not many experienced freelancers that became entrepreneurs in my area with similar interests.

That’s why every time there’s someone more experienced than me. Who agreed to give me their precious time to share best practices and insights, I would soak it in eagerly.

The suggestions I got from all the people that I’ve met along the way. Helped me in identifying my purpose and my goals.

Because more often than not we can’t seem to find a motivation to start something. It was a big realization for me.

I never thought that by acting on what I want to do will have a tremendous impact on my freelance career.

Acting on it. Fueling these ideas inside my head. Had given me an opportunity to explore new heights.

So, when you’ve decided on what you want to do. You need to act on it. Even if you only want to do it for 5 or 15 minutes daily.

The struggle is always in the first step. But if you will be firm in your decision. Chances are you will find time to do what you really want.

Step number three:


Consistency will always beat quantity.

Now that you’ve decided what you want. Decide on what’s the most important activity for your goal, and take a small step towards it.

It doesn’t have to be as fabulous as what we normally see in the movies.

Start the day with one activity of 5 minutes, and do your best for the day.

The following day, bring it up several minutes and improve it. Do this regularly until you reach the point that you’re comfortable doing it.

Remember, what you’re doing today will have a significant impact on your future.

It will not be perfect but let me remind you that our goal is to make it a habit. You will get better as you continue to do it daily.

So, decide what you want to do, act on it and make it a habit.

Easy? Good.

Let me see in the comments below what new habits you want to start today.

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