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Start Winning

Stop struggling, start winning

Start Winning. Keep that winning attitude moving forward. 

The only thing worse than starting something and failing… is not starting something.” — Seth Godin

I failed in life. I failed multiple times and made mistakes and wrong decision. But my failures have never stopped me from starting all over again.


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I lost friends, clients and a few thousand pesos in the process. But I didn’t stop exploring any possibility. I never will.

I am sharing this to tell you that you must not stop trying to pursue your dreams. Just because you’ve read others can’t do it and witnessed others failed too many times in the same niche you intend to pursue.

Failure doesn’t mean you will never be successful. It’s just one experiment gone wrong. Keep moving. That’s what matters.

Failure is not a pleasant experience. It’s horrible. There are times I wished I could vanish and be gone forever. But I didn’t allow my failure to get the best out of me.

There are also times I feel guilty and tried to avoid thinking about it. I hide it from everyone else. Remain optimistic even though it hurt.

I stood up and try again. Lather – Rinse – Repeat.

When I try it over and over again, once in a while, I succeed. And I am convinced that this will work for you too.

Don’t let your failures at work affects your life. Stand up, dust it off and try again. The mistakes that you made should be your motivation, not your excuses.

Because no matter how many times you failed, or how slow you are in learning all these things, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.

There is no secret to being successful in life. You have to persevere. Keep trying. Don’t stop until you’re at the top. 

I know you already have your plans. You have your roadmap planned out. But you need to have an open and flexible mind to adapt to the changes along the way. There’s no straight path to success which makes it even more beautiful.

Failure is a good sign that you’re making progress. Failure will show you the things that you didn’t know before. Now you can adjust your plan accordingly to try a new method.

Last year something happened, and I struggled. I almost gave up. I was lucky a friend didn’t give up on me.

She encouraged me and gave me two options. I can give up, or I can figure out a better way.

Trust me; I know that it is not easy. I was lucky she came at the right time.

Your friends might give you simple or apparent solutions that you need, brilliant ideas, or a well-crafted plan. Whatever that may be, whenever you find yourself struggling, know that you can reach out to people who have been there before.

It’s easy to quit, to give up. It’s much easier not to do anything about it. But if you fail and give up. It means you’re giving up something important.

I’m far from being perfect, and my desire to be successful in life is not different from what you have right now.

We are all the same with our goals. Our aspiration. Our dreams. While we all share the probability of failing in whatever we’re doing, we also share the capability of being able to start again. As I stated in my post the other day, your goal is to make progress, not perfection.

I can assure that you will recover because you are unique. You are equipped with the abilities to make your dreams come true, more secure in knowing that you will survive a failure.

When I struggle, I take a break and go out on a trip. I always believe that our mind and body needs a break. That’s the reason why I take a day or two to rest.

If you consistently struggle in getting stuff done, find a new approach. Look for a new way to finish it. There is always a better way to get things done. You may not be able to take a long break from work, but the point is, give yourself a break and get back to it with a new mindset.

You may fail. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t start again. You can start winning in life right now. 

If my post resonates with you, share your struggles below.

If you’re too shy and don’t want others to read it, you can directly PM me. Let’s talk.

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