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Prove them wrong

You have the power to prove them wrong

Prove them wrong. 

This is a well-written statement and a phrase often used by top motivational speakers.  

I did.


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And this is how my freelance career started. 

A friend once said, “He will never make it as a freelancer. He doesn’t have the skills to become one,“ that was her statement.

She was referring to me while talking with another friend.

Of course, her statement reached me. As if she was whispering in my ear in full clarity.

Her statement hurt me. Discouraged knowing that that statement came from a friend.

After learning what she said about me, I stepped back and analyzed my situation.

My first real online job was transcription. That’s the only job I knew back then.

My typing speed was about 30 to 35 words per minute if the audio is good.

Moreover, I would spend 8 hours on 60-minute audio with a lot of background noise and multiple speakers.

I am earning $15 for 60-minute audio.

Projects don’t come regularly. Three hundred minutes is already a good week for me back then. I am barely surviving but earning.

Listening to testimonies of freelancers who earn six figures a month was more than I could handle. I thought there’s no way I could make that much doing what I am doing.

However, I gave it a try. I started accepting more project and entertained more client.

That strategy didn’t work for me. I was left exhausted and out of focus.

So when I heard the statement from a friend that I lacked skills. I almost believe that she was helpful to me by stating that freelancing is not the right job for me. I am convinced that I was trying hard to fit in an industry that doesn’t accept less skilled individual. And I almost gave up.

To top that I lost my client. For two weeks I had no gigs. I was staring at my laptop for hours unproductive. Her statement kept ringing in my ears.

However, one afternoon I had this one big revelation. I recalled all the testimonies that I heard from freelancers earning six figures a month. They are now managing their own business and has passive income. These skilled freelancers who are now saying no to clients because they have enough. Freelancers who own a house, a car and are traveling whenever, wherever.

They all have one thing in common:

–> These freelancers started with the only skill that they have
–> They got rejected, but they never gave up
–> It took them years before they become successful

It was only my first year, and here I am contemplating quitting. I realized that they all went through what I am going through.

However, what made them stand out? They never gave up. There’s no easy route to freelancing. There’s no secret, and you won’t be successful on the spot.  You have to grind your way to have that dream client. It would help if you worked hard because you can’t have it on a silver platter.


“No way. I am not giving up,” was my statement. That got me excited and motivated.

So, I started attending seminars and workshops. Networked and joined groups and asked questions. I asked for help. Engaged in conversation and enrolled in some courses. I got myself a mentor. Consumed information because I know my life depends on it.

I read books. I listened to audiobooks — downloaded PDFs. Did my 5-minute writing exercise and then moved to 500 Words Daily Activity.

So within months, I saw how these activities changed me and my career.

I can now say that I am much better than before. I am still learning — still a student of this ever-growing industry.

One thing that I always believe is that whatever you’re doing today will have an impact on your future. I still hold on to that.

So, if you doubt yourself, or has that limiting belief that you can’t upgrade your skills, listen to me, I am living proof.

You are capable of achieving goals that are more than what you have right now.

All you have to do is believe in yourself and do the hard work.


It’s about time that you give yourself that much-needed boost.

Also, make sure that you will base all the decisions that you will make today on what is good for the future, not just for today.

You can start small.

It will be awkward at first because you will be doing things that your mind is not accustomed to doing.

However, once you developed the habits.

You will start to see the changes. I know.

Try it. See how far you will go. You can prove them wrong. 

I would love to hear your results.

So to my friend who made that bold statement.

Thank you. I wish to see you. So I could hug you because your words changed my life. Also, it’s my mission to pay it forward. However, I won’t do it by saying discouraging statements as you did. 

I am much better than that.

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