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HMO and Health Insurance

Why it’s important to have HMO and Health Insurance

Do you have HMO and Health Insurance? 

Are you secured?

Do you have a health care plan ready for your disposal?


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I think I made a mistake because I thought that insurance is all I need; that’s why I focused on acquiring insurance.

Yes, when I started my freelance career, I allotted my first salary on insurance. Then last year I added another two.

I focused so much on protecting myself for the future, but I forgot that I also need to take care of myself today.

Yes, I don’t have a health care plan. I was under the impression that a health care emergency was on my insurance package until I reviewed my policy earlier today.

After battling with discomforts for the last two days, last night I accepted defeat and showed myself up in the ER of one of the private hospital here in Bulacan.

It’s a viral infection which I thought was just an allergic reaction to something that I ingested a few days ago. However, due to some predisposing factors that I shared during the initial examination, the doctor did some test and later found out that I have Angina. 

Alas, I’ve been dealing with chest pain for so many months that I finally have a name for it. (No, I don’t search on Google. Because it will only worsen your condition. Believe me.)

So, going back to my question, are you secured?

Do you have a health care plan that you can readily access during this kind of situation?

If you have none, then when are you going to get one?

I don’t have it too and I’ll have to cover for my entire expenses. I’m glad that I picked up on my PhilHealth contribution last year.

Yes, after I left my job, I stopped paying my contribution. Never thought that it’s something that I’ll end up using again.

So, I encouraged you to continue paying for your PhilHealth contribution.

Secondly, to reach out and ask how you can get a health care plan that will fit the lifestyle that you have right now.

I learned my lesson last night, and I made a few calls this morning so I could get one.

If you also have insurance, please review your coverage and make sure that it covers everything that you need especially your health.

Get yourself an HMO and Life Insurance.  That’s my reminder to you.

Lastly, I thought of creating a list that I need to do this week. You might also find these suggestions useful:

– Meet an agent and get a health care plan

– Meet my agent to review my policy and increase my coverage if necessary

– Get a private doctor

– Have an emergency fund

– Make sure that my beneficiaries are listed properly

It sounded like an emergency plan.

Yes, it is. Because I don’t want to end up in the same situation, and if this happens again, I’ll make sure that I am ready. I hope you are too.

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