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high school life

High School Life: A short story of a lost love

High school life, where it all began.

Let me tell you a short story about my high school life and my love that was lost before it even begun.

This is how it started.

It was Monday when she said she loves me.


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Tuesday when we ate dinner together.

Wednesday, our parents were so happy for us. About us.

Thursday, our day of firsts. Our first date, first kiss.

Friday, we held hands, sitting side by side as we watched the sunset.

Saturday, we made a promise. We bought that lovely infinity ring from the thrift store. She hugged me.

Sunday morning, we went to church and made a covenant with God.

It was afternoon when that accident happened, that took her away from me.

This is how it all begun. A short story about my high school life and a lost love before it even started.

Ten years.

How fast time flies.

It was ten years ago when she died in a tragic accident.

Her memories are still fresh.

To be honest. I still feel the way she kissed me. The way she breathed when she’s near me or she moved her hair.

I paused every time I remember our first kiss.

Touch my lips, closed my eyes and wished she’s still here with me.

I could still feel how devastated I was that day.

She was my first love. Which made my high school life even more remarkable.

I imagine right now how it was.

Puppy love. That’s how they call it.

Courting her was the most intoxicating act I’ve ever done.

It was our last year in high school, and it was the most memorable.

She became my classmate. We were in the same group.

I made a promise to myself that I would make her want me.

It was her long black hair.

Her warm eyes, sweet smile and her gentleness.

The sincere way she speaks and her kindness.

I could still recall how I managed to stand next to her so I could hold her hands during our activity.

Her soft skin. Slender body. I dreamed about that for so many nights, and I still do sometimes.

How silly I was every time she caught me looking at her.

But she would just smile back.

Was it me, or it was her that’s staring at me?

I thought that she noticed me too. That gave me enough encouragement.

My perseverance paved the way. I excelled in class and I participated in every school activity. Even became the leader of our group.

I never ran out of ideas.

My utmost desire was to impress her.

She would just smile at me.

Those eyes. I thought they wanted to say something when she looked and nods at me.

It was like a confirmation.

But I waited. I patiently waited for my chance.

Even if I already knew the answer to our assignment. I would approach her and ask for assistance.

She would look at me as if she’s questioning my intention.

I never actually realized that I had a sense of humor.

But she would laugh at my jokes. She even sat beside me sometimes. Shoulder to shoulder.

It was like cloud nine.

I didn’t know if she noticed that my right arm and right shoulder were not moving every time she sat beside me.

So I could smell her sweet perfume.

There was this one time where she saw me looking at her face. She asked why.

I was speechless. Intentionally ignored her question. Pretended that I didn’t hear it.

Deep inside I was nervous.

But deep inside I was celebrating.

I hated it when our class was over, and weekends, and holidays.

I worked in the market during the weekend.

Selling tomatoes, onions, and garlic.

I also helped in carrying heavy baggage for a penny.

That’s how I was able to provide for my studies.

It was Sunday afternoon.

I was busy with a sack of onion on my shoulder.

My hands were dirty and my shirt was stained.

But she was there, and she saw me.

At first, I didn’t know what to do.

But she approached me and said, “Hi.”

I was astounded and amazed. It felt like I’m Superman.

She became more attentive to me since then.

At times, she would place her hands on my shoulder.

I was feeling it. It gave me enough confidence.

Planned my next move and I worked hard on it. I focused on studies even more.

Diversion. That’s how I learned to hide my feelings.

I knew it was love. Believe it was love. But not just yet.

Then my opportunity came.

It was raining.

Good Lord. Thank you that it rained that day.

I didn’t know if it was through sheer luck that I had my umbrella with me that day.

She was standing alone in the corner.

I approached her. Offered to join me under my umbrella.

Without hesitation, she agreed.

I placed my arm on her shoulder. Her body was next to mine.

Not counting how many steps it was.

Nor how much distance we walked together.

But honestly, I wished that the rain would not stop. And I am glad it didn’t.

When we finally reached her house.

She invited me to come inside.

It was clear that my answer was yes.

The happiest day of my life.

Her mom was so kind to me.

Even her brothers and sisters.

As if they knew me, I never had the slightest idea.

Days became weeks. Weeks became months.

We remained buddy. It was her who coined it. She started calling me budz.

At first, I didn’t get it.

When I adopted it, our classmates began to notice us.

Still, we didn’t say a word.

I believe we understood each other.

We ate lunch together. She sat beside me at breaks.

Shared assignments and answers during exams.

We shared some jokes and laughed together.

But we never really mentioned anything about our feelings.

She would look at me. I would look at her.

It doesn’t even matter who caught who.

Her mom would smile at me every time I saw her in the market.

Her brother would tap me on my shoulder during our encounter.

Still, I had no idea.

I was invited whenever there’s a family occasion and even on ordinary days.

It was fun.

I knew we both understood it. We never had to say the words.

It was graduation when I intentionally hold her hand. She allowed me and said congratulations.

But I can’t control it anymore.

Instead of answering I hugged her tightly. She hugged me too.

That was it. I felt it.

Her mom saw us. Approached us and hugged me too. I was surprised.

She cried.

I asked why. She said it was tears of joy.

But I knew back then it was something else.

Her mom said, “Thank you for waiting. Please, celebrate with us.”

Then her mom left us.

I was puzzled.

But she hugged me again.

It was like music to my ear when she said, “You can start courting me now.”

I shouted out loud and jumped like a kid.

That was the second happiest day of my life.

My high school life is all a memory now.

Looking back on that Sunday afternoon.

It could have been us or me.

But why it was just her?

I went back to the store to return the excess change.

For a second she’s gone, and that changed my life forever.

It happened right in front of me.

In a blink of an eye. The love of my life was gone right in front of me.

She never made it to the hospital.

I was devastated.

All of us were devastated.

It was painful.

I even planned to end my life too.

But her mom never left me.

She said, “My daughter would want you to go on with your life.”

Her mom wanted me to cherish our memories.

Then she started sharing stories about me, about us.

Our days at school and how she talked about me.

About how I earned her family’s respect.

We were both crying. One of her brothers shook my hand and thanked me.

Her sister hugged me and told me she knew how much her sister loves me.

How much she hated when our class was over. She also hated weekends and holidays.

It was ten years ago.

All I have is a bouquet of roses and a candle.

I still visit her mom. She’s old now but again healthy as ever.

Her siblings are still kind to me.

They still invite me if there’s a family celebration.

My wife once asked me why I still visit her. Why I always share my high school life.

It took my wife a while to understand. And I’m glad she did.

My daughter asked about us and our funny stories. It feels good that she likes our stories.

I know that you are happy now. Singing hymns and playing instruments because that’s what people do in heaven.

Thank you for coming into my life, for the friendship, for loving me and for the memories.

Our story, a short story about my high school life. About how I fell in love.

I miss you.

Happy anniversary.

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