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depression is real

Depression is REAL in every Virtual Professional

Depression is real, and it affects every virtual professional.

I realized depression is real.

A fellow freelancer reached out to me and said, “Fred, are you busy?”

“Oh, hi. How are you?” No, why?”, was my response.


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That was the start of a lengthy conversation with a fellow freelancer.

Now, picture yourself working 8 hours a day.

Hoping that your client will pay you when the work week ended.

You’re all over the place.

Promised your children that you would buy their favorite toy.

Told your friend that you would pay once your salary is at hand.

By the time the weekend arrived, you’re ecstatic.

You expect that your client will message you to inform that your salary is ready.

It’s no secret that people get excited every payday.

The most sought-after day for every virtual professional, even in the corporate world.

People who worked hard want to reward themselves for working for so many hours.

But the most significant battle for every virtual professional, aside from acquiring the client, is the possibility of you not getting paid.

And each battle is won or lost on the day where you expect it the most.

It gets even worst when your client no longer replies to your messages and no longer fulfilling the promise you believe they will do.

One of the reasons why some freelancers get depressed which are the sad truth that successful virtual professionals don’t always mention when they talk.

There’s a lot of factors that trigger depression among virtual professionals. These are:

😞They have difficulty addressing their personal needs.

😞No support.


😞 monetary reasons

😞 not able to identify niche

😞 belongingness

😞 self-comparison

😞 lack of confidence

😞 slow internet

😞 laptop / PC issues

I could go and on and on because depression is real and it’s happening every day.

My point is depression is real for every freelancer.

You can’t ignore it.

Every day someone out there is suffering, annoyed, irritated, and sad.

But these people can’t express what they feel because they know they have to work.

They have to follow their schedule and meet the demands of their client.

Hide and keep it.

Each will pretend that all is well until all these little things add up and can’t bear it anymore.

Those who suffer from depression always provides a hint. You will see posts on Facebook.

Drop a line on group chats which, if you’re not sensitive to these signs, they will feel that they’re alone and ignored.

Next time when you asked someone if everything is alright and answered, “I am okay.”

Ask again. There’s more truth beyond being okay.

HAHAHAHAHA vs hahahahaha has different meaning.

Or let me ask you about the last time you talked to a fellow freelancer.

How was your conversation?

Did you even manage to ask how his/her family was?

How is his/her relationship with the current client?

Or a much better question is, “What are you doing now to improve your skills?”

Questions like these will trigger a lot of different answers.

But be ready those who suffer from depression denies undergoing a grave condition.

Depressed people will not admit that they’re undergoing tremendous stress.

Engage in a healthy conversation.

Show empathy. Listen to what each person is saying.

Stop talking about other people.

ONE GOLDEN RULE: avoid the people who talked about other people negatively.

Sooner or later they’re the same people who will talk about you.

People undergoing depression is real, and they are sensitive to that. That’s the main reason why they’re hesitant to share what’s going on with their life.

Be accountable and available. Listen and be sensitive to what the person is saying.

Every single day before you start your day ask this question, “What can I do to help someone today?”

We’re part of a big community. Virtual career is a community. We are members of that community.

Each of us has a responsibility for every member.

Let’s fight depression today.

Start with the person next to you. Make your word count.

(500 Words Daily)

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