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people who overcome disabilities

Overcoming Disabilities: work at home success stories

Overcoming disabilities “Overcoming disabilities is not easy, but it’s not impossible either. ” I was so inspired when I attended church a couple of weeks ago and Oscar Pistorius was mentioned as an example.  For those who don’t know, Oscar was amputated below the knees when he was 11 months old. But he became an Olympic gold […]

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Top freelancers explain why they chose freelancing over a regular 9 to 5 job.

Freelancing versus a regular 9 to 5 job. Freelancing.   It could be about copywriting, email marketing, social media management. A business strategist, a lead generation expert, and SEO expert. A web developer, graphic designer, and an article writer.   You may be an expert in your chosen niche. Or a skilled person that helps […]

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List of transcription companies

List of Transcription Companies

Master List of Transcription Companies List of Transcription companies. Here is the list of companies that regularly hire people for work at home transcription. I copied this article from a popular Blogspot by Anna T. Since I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about what transcription companies to apply. The list is broken down by companies […]

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Become a freelancer

Become a Freelancer: A step by step guide by Lilla Lakos

BECOME A FREELANCER / VIRTUAL ASSISTANT. How to become a freelancer? Probably the right question to start with is WHY you want to become a freelancer or virtual assistant? The answer is simple: its the best and easiest way to become your own boss and earn what you worth even without a lot of experience […]

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high school life

High School Life: A short story of a lost love

High school life, where it all began. Let me tell you a short story about my high school life and my love that was lost before it even begun. This is how it started. It was Monday when she said she loves me. Tuesday when we ate dinner together. Wednesday, our parents were so happy […]

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