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Prove them wrong

You have the power to prove them wrong

Prove them wrong.  This is a well-written statement and a phrase often used by top motivational speakers.   I did. And this is how my freelance career started.  A friend once said, “He will never make it as a freelancer. He doesn’t have the skills to become one,“ that was her statement. She was referring to […]

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Three Simple Steps to be More Productive Daily

Three Simple Steps to be More Productive Daily

The Three Simple Steps to be More Productive Daily.  Usually when I have this kind of idea. I just thought about it for a minute and then let it slipped away. But I can’t let these bad habits take over anymore. So before I hit the sack let me share with you these basic principles […]

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Writing habit

The 5-minute Habit that Boosted my Freelance Career

My five-minute writing habit. It’s January 2019, it will be my birthday again in the next few weeks. And I am now on the brink of my most challenging and life-altering year. Personally, I’ve been thinking if I should go and write about this. I thought about it twice because, in my opinion, it seemed […]

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Social Media Marketing

These Two Top Digital Marketer is changing Social Media Marketing in the Philippines

Leading Social Media Marketing in the Philippines Social media marketing has become an essential tool in strengthening brands and building company reputation. Small to large businesses and organizations have taken it up to widen their reach. It also made them accessible, hence the rise in demand for credible and seasoned social media marketers. In the […]

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online freelance career

Start Your Freelance Career With These Three Simple Steps

The freelance industry is growing, and one can certainly feel its growth in the past several months. The current trend in this industry is evolving especially now that employees seek higher salary and their desire to have a flexible working schedule fuels the growth in the freelance industry, or what we now call the Gig […]

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