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10 Things You Need To Keep In Mind Before You Start Online Freelancing

10 Things You Need To Keep In Mind Before You Start Online Freelancing

The journey to becoming an online professional is a bumpy road. It is filled with a lot of obstacles, hardships, and self-discovery.”

Where do I begin? How do I start? These are two of the most common questions that aspiring freelancers always ask. The clear answer would be to start right now, right where you are. When you set your intentions of what you want, they will appear, and the questions disappear.

So, before you start online freelancing take a look at some of the key pointers that I believe will help you in this journey.


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1. Trust yourself. If you trust yourself, people around you will start to understand you too. These people will guide you and can bring the right people at the right time to teach you the lessons that you need. They can help you answer all the questions that you have.

2. Be honest with yourself. Working online does not require the normal physical one on one meeting. You will be working on your own pace at your terms unless you have a time tracker. No one will be monitoring you. Decide what you want to work on and what you want to finish first.

3. Willingness to learn. It’s one of the fundamental aspects of being a freelancer. Always find ways to learn as much as you can in every situation that you’re involved. Everything can be acquired as long as you’re open to it.

4. Be prepared for rejections. You will encounter a lot of it. From your loved ones, friends, colleagues and even your clients. Embrace them. Learning how to accept negative sensations and controlling your emotions will have an effect not just on yourself but with the people that you work with. Don’t block it. Allow yourself to experience setbacks. This is how you learn. Making mistakes is okay. Allow it to pass through your body and always continue to strive to be the best at what you do.

5. Connect with people. The most powerful thing to do. You are not alone. Do not isolate yourself. Learn how to collaborate.

6. Actively look for ways to market your self. There is no magic or secret potion why some freelancers have multiple clients. This is also the same strategy you will find in books, online courses, and PDF. They all share different skills and approach. But what matters is how you market yourself. Nothing beats a person who always shows up every day.

7. Love yourself. Learn to say no. Always put yourself first in a way that you’re not taking advantage of anyone along the way. Give yourself the time, love and space to do the work. Go out if you must. Your efforts will always be reflected in your relationships with yourself and with other people.

8. Read. Don’t stop reading.

9. Master your ego. Freelancing is not about you. Give value. Everything will follow.

10. Your mind is the limit and expansion of what you want to discover. Always keep an open mind in every sense of the word and continue to learn because this journey never really ever ends.

If you want to learn more before you start online freelancing. You can check this article and follow the best practices and tips of these successful freelancers here in the Philippines. 

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