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Automated Email Sequence

Automated Email Sequence: And the benefits of having one for your business

Automated email sequence can double your ROI. Because as an e-com store owner, you know that writing an email to every customer that you had on your last campaign would take much time. Plus, I’m pretty sure you don’t want to send the same type of email to every subscriber on your list. It may not be appropriate because each one of them is on a different stage of the buyer’s journey.

When subscribers receive an irrelevant email, they’re more likely to unsubscribe or, worst, mark you as spam.

However, you can avoid this kind of problems and improve your email marketing revenue.


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How? By setting up email marketing automation.

You can perform automated email flows with the use of email marketing software. In my case, I use Klaviyo to send out specific emails at a specified time of the customer’s journey or as a response to actions performed by customers inside our store. It’s all about sending your customers the right email at the right time.

When setting up an automated flow, don’t forget to personalize it. Start by using your customer’s first name or his title. Because a personalized email can have a significant impact not just for you, but for your customers as well.

As stated in the studies done by Experian Marketing Services, which tells that personalized promotional mailings have 29% higher unique open rates and 41% higher unique click rates than non-personalized e-mails, and they also found out that personalized, triggered mailings have similar lifts, with 25% higher unique open rates and 51% higher unique click rates.

These results could only mean that sending relevant email has a tremendous benefit for your business.

First, you need to set up triggers. This triggers will help you segment your customers into different groups that will allow you to send out personalized emails based on their interests, and purchase behavior.

Yes, a personalized email could help. It is also beneficial to segment your list through your marketing automation which would result in higher engagement.

For example, when a customer left an order in the cart. Our abandon cart email which contains five sequences will be triggered. We’ve set it up at a different time and day with an attach coupon that they can use when they continue their purchase. This email sequence will only stop once the customer made a purchase.

Once that customer made a purchase, a thank you email will be triggered which contains six email sequences. These sequence schedules are days and weeks apart with the intention of reminding them about the status of their order, and to ask for feedback or testimony. Each email has a promo code that they can use inviting them to purchase again.

These are just two of the flow that we’re using. There are things that you can set up like your welcome email, cross-sell, customer win back, and a lot more.

If you know that your business could benefit from setting up an Automated Email Sequence or email marketing automation but aren’t sure how to get started, I would be happy to talk to you about automation tools and strategies we can use to increase your conversions. Let me know by clicking here

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