My freelancing career began when I was on the verge of giving up; an undergraduate, not confident about my credentials and low on cash.

But I decided to gamble and loaned for a laptop and applied for internet connection without any contacts or clients at bay.

After a few weeks of reaching out to friends and colleagues, I started to work with a woman who paid me generously. She has multiple clients, earning very well on a consistent basis and she determines the amount of workload we will have for the day. To say that I envy her is an understatement.


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I struggled to find my niche. My world revolved around transcription since that’s the only skill I have. I always thought that that’s the only available job for me.

After five months, I finally landed my first direct client. It was an amazing experience. The ball kept rolling since then.

Through my clients, I learned new sets of skills. Through their constant motivation, I was able to discover skills that I never thought I had. They were supportive, yet distinct, and set me apart from others. I was instantly hooked on developing more skills.

My love for providing great service blossomed, and I continued to push the edge as to what I could offer at work while pursuing personal growth in my career.

The very first seminar I attended was in Angeles, Pampanga. It was a great investment that opened my eyes to freelancing and that event introduced me to my mentor who encourages me to be better at work and in my personal life.

I believe that right attitude can change your perspective on everything, even in freelancing.

After a few months, I was introduced and followed influencers and many great individuals that I’ve met online and during live events.

After taking up multiple paid courses, seminar and workshops.

I have finally found the courage to start my own business.

I’m now building this digital marketing agency that I know will help a lot of freelancers like me.

I want to reach out to you because I am wondering if there are any topics that interest you.

If you were to ask me, I’m super interested in learning how to use social media for business and freelancers.

Because I know, and I believe, that through this advocacy I can help business owners and fellow freelancers reached their dreams of giving quality time with their loved ones while providing for their daily needs.