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Writing habit

The 5-minute Habit that Boosted my Freelance Career

My five-minute writing habit.

It’s January 2019, it will be my birthday again in the next few weeks. And I am now on the brink of my most challenging and life-altering year.

Personally, I’ve been thinking if I should go and write about this. I thought about it twice because, in my opinion, it seemed very personal. Thinking that it is not relevant to everyone who reads the articles that I wrote. But when my friend asked me about it, I can’t resist the urge to go and write about it anyway.

I started writing last year, and I can say that the 5-minute writing habit helped me and it led me to where I am right now. It was my One Thing in 2018. And like every article that I wrote, I always aim to give value and help inspire at least one person to take action and believe that it’s possible.


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“How do you do it? How do you manage your time?” these are the questions that I always get whenever I am out with friends or in freelance meetups. To be honest, I am not organized despite what it might look like on the outside. I have days that are far from being organized. And I even attempted to use writing prompts just to get my creative juice flowing. But these prompts just pile up in my inbox. I still end up doing what I know best, my own flow.

I am not against everyone who has a detailed to-do list. Honestly, I envy their detailed planning. But that doesn’t really work for me. My point is every one of us has our own strategy that’s different from one another, but the challenges that we experience when it comes to getting things done are all too similar.

How  it started 

I can still feel and remember being alone, not knowing what to do and where to start, it was probably the worst feeling when you’re starting as a freelancer. I felt like I was a small fish swimming in an ocean trying to fit in and wanting to be recognized. Believe me, I struggled a lot.

My mentors, freelance friends, and even my clients were the ones who helped me get through them. The big realization that hit me was when I found out that these people can be my family even if we’re not related by blood.

I was worried and skeptical when I started my writing habit. But I proceed with it anyway since that’s the only thing that I can do and acquiring a mentor is beyond my budget. This 5-minute writing habit is the only thing I could do for free. I start to push myself believing that it can boost my career in the freelance industry. I want to be significant and let people see what I can do and what I can become rather than just accepting who I was back then.

Joining an organization

I start to attend events and involved myself with a lot of activities, and I realized that joining an organization would be a perfect start. I started connecting with people and became active on Social Media. That’s how the editor-in-chief of Marketing In Asia noticed me and invited me to submit an article for them. I grabbed the opportunity.

To be honest, I cannot see myself as a writer, but I wanted to see how I would cope with the challenge. I accepted the invitation and joined Marketing In Asia, an online magazine that empowers Asia with marketing ideas. And this was one of the best decision and things that happened to me last year. It helped me build my authority, and it opened a lot of opportunity for my career.

Becoming a contributor to Marketing In Asia allowed me to develop my network and connect with some of the most inspiring people in the industry.

There were a lot of challenges and setbacks, but it was the people inside Marketing In Asia that made me see that there are still people whom I can rely on. We pushed each other to go further because we all wanted to see the best in ourselves. They always find ways to make me see the better things in life rather than focusing on the negative ones. I become an active contributor since then.

Career Growth

Writing made me see things from the perspective of other people. I became open to other people’s thoughts and ideas, and it helped me become sincere with my actions. Writing showed me how one small act can change a big part of a person’s life.

From the start, I always thought that what I had was enough and developing a new set of skill is a waste of time. Because I was told that I should just concentrate on transcription since that’s the only skill I have. I can still hear her say, “Fred is not skilled. He won’t go that far in freelancing.”

But I also knew back then that there’s more for me beyond transcription and for me to grow, I had to go through a lot of trials and let go of people who don’t believe that I can do it. It hurts me a lot, and it almost broke me, but writing helped me heal myself.

I now enjoyed writing. It taught me discipline. I was able to display my creativity. From my 5-minute writing habit to 500-word article per day, I learned more about myself and what I want for my future.

So this is my question for you, what 5-minute habit will you start this year? If you’re looking for inspiration, check out this amazing online entrepreneur that made it big into the freelancing industry. 

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