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Hi, I'm Fred! I'm here to provide you with the information that you need before you enter into the growing freelance industry here in the Philippines.  

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I work with several startups and online entrepreneurs and help them create engaging content that brings huge traffic into their sites each month. I also provide genuine value to my audience of freelancers, solopreneurs, side hustlers and aspiring entrepreneurs. Email me at for more details.​​​​


My freelance career started September 2016. Now, I am ready to embark on another adventure – Coaching. I am still in the process of acquiring my certificate. But my desire to help my fellow freelancers enabled me to gain both theoretic and practical knowledge, through the different online courses that I took. I am also a Social Media Consultant, and a Digital Career advocate that will surely help mindful, conscious-driven online entrepreneur.


Each month, I help a very limited number of freelancers. If you're a newbie, working part-time, or a freelancer looking to align your services, processes and work ethics in finding your ideal client. This is for you. This program outlines the course that I will release next year. So, if you're interested and wanting to start your own freelance career, send me an email at Introduce yourself to me, your goals and what you wish to achieve in the next six months.

what my client say about my work

Fred was our social media specialist, he was responsible also on email marketing and chatbot. He has a great personality, great insights and ability to see the great picture of the business. Having Fred on the team gave me a worry-free feeling that in this part of the work, everything is taking care of, he has a full freedom to operate and manage this position. Thanks to his effort, we've be able to see great results in conversion rate and better customers satisfaction, he managed to create a close relationship with the customers and the community. Fred, it was a great pleasure working with you, I wish you all the best with your next challenges.
David Popovich

David Popovich
E-commerce entrepreneur at e-commerce

Fred Mosquida is a great writer, he has helped us a lot with our blog and I highly recommend him.

Alan Mehrez

I selected Fred Mosquida from a large list of candidates for my social media marketing campaign. I needed someone who could organize the entire project and then put the plan into action. He has been diligent in his follow-up and creative in approach. Clicks to my website are up. I have been able to use multiple social media platforms that I previously did not engage and the plan is right on schedule.

I highly recommend Fred to anyone who has a need for a consultant with a solid work ethic and dedication to seeing the project to success.

Chris Welsh

I have been working with Fred for over a year now, and he has played an important role in the social media and administrative side of my business. He is extremely supportive, enthusiastic, and works very hard on every project I've given him. What I appreciate most is his attention to detail, his responsiveness, and his willingness to complete all tasks promptly and accurately. He is open to feedback and learns very quickly. In my business, I don't have time to micromanage and constantly follow-up to make sure tasks are completed on schedule. Fred works independently and follows through with very little (if any) input from myself. For that reason, I highly recommend Fred! You won't regret adding him to your team.

Lisa Jack, CEO, Fertility Friday Publishing Inc

Your unique ability is that you can use the power of your mind to transform the ideas into reality. You believe that the mind is so powerful and that you utilize this to your benefit. It is evident in your life and as a bonus result, you are empowering others too. Your light shines that other people can see.

CJ Maturino

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Fred Mosquida

Fred is a passionate virtual professional who wants to teach his countrymen about the opportunity of working online. He advocates that the Internet is not just for Facebook, YouTube, and online game usage. On this homepage, he gathers established professionals, CEO's, freelancers, business owners and influencers and asked for their insights that will provide an overview on how you can start as a virtual professional. He aims to support and help those who wants to become an effective virtual professional.